Personalized Letters by Felipao

If you want a letter, word or phrase personalized by Felipao, tell us, you´ll have it in four weeks.

You only have to give us an idea, a design or a dream… dreaming is free and there are infinite options.

Felipao will get them quickly and create something charming for you. You will get a very unique and

spectacular piece. Even the LED bulbs and cables can be suited to your letter´s design.

Standard sizes are 30-45-60 cm height. (8 cm width)
Letters are made of Chilenian pine-tree, hand shaped by a professional cabinetmaker. In four weeks they will be yours!

Letter´s height can vary according to your needs

With Felipao´s customization the price varies. You will have a unique piece half way between industrial design and art.

30 cm – 410 €
45 cm – 480 €
60 cm – 560 €

Prices vary for other sizes (Transport not included)

Samples of our Personalized Letters