Who is Felipao?

The truth is that I don’t think I was born to be an artist, but I have the intuition that destiny led me to it. The only family references that I have are my grandma and my great grandpa who liked painting as a hobby in a  very classical style and there are some  of their drawings and paintingss still hanging around in my parent’s house.

I’ve lived in several countries: Morocco, Nicaragua, Kenya, Pakistan, France, United Arab Emirates…, and travelled all around the world. I like observing in depth people, their thoughts, their behaviour, their reactions, and I have great memories  of everything that  has caught my attention in every place or corner whereI have been. I believe that inspiration can come from a million places. You can find it in the frescoes  of a venetian palace or in the  stripes  of the shirt of an Ice cream seller in Bombay.

I live in Madrid, where I have my studio. I like cooking, mostly sushi (Kabuki in Madrid is my favorite jap).I am single. I don’t like green beans, nor cauliflower. Violet Orchid is my favourite flower and purple is my favourite  colour. I don’t go much to the gym in winter, more so during summer. I am very interested in fashion and interior design . They are linked to art. They are art.

I have two brothers; they also live in Madrid, as well as  my parents. When I told them about my artistic project they looked at me a bit astonished….now they like it. Obviously!!

Discover his artwork at Felipao.es